This program is being funded, partially or fully, through the District of Columbia Executive Office of the Mayor - Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development.

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Feedback is flexible and on your time. Information gathering and feedback will happen through online surveys as well as in-person meetings. If you are unable to participate in the meetings, you can still participate in the process through the online options.

fact-finding surveys
2 online surveys, a community and a direct stakeholder will be distributed. They will solicit your expertise, ideas, and hopes for the future of the Eastern Market Zone. The surveys will help us all better understand current consumer preferences, community sentiments, identify issues, and understand commonalities among the stakeholders. All survey results will be posted on the website.

working meetings
We will go through our research findings, the results of your feedback, and work through initial recommendations. The information presented in these meetings will be posted on the website in advance of this meeting so that you have a chance to think about it prior to the meeting. The information generated at this meeting will be posted on the website.

An additional survey will assess feasibility, preference, and your ideas in order to refine the set of objectives and recommendations. This is also an opportunity for those who could not attend a meeting to participate in the process.

The full strategic plan draft will be posted online for feedback.

community launch party
At this event we will present the final strategic plan -̶̶̶  the shared vision for the future of the heart of Capitol Hill.

the process

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