After nearly a year of research, engagement, and analysis (all in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic) we are excited to share that DMPED has published the strategic plan report for the public to view! The link below will take you to the Market's website where the report can be downloaded. Through that link you will also find an oportunity to provide your feedback on the plan and details how to remain engaged through the next steps.

The strategic plan is just one step toward the healthy future of Eastern Market.  We hope that market stakeholders will act on the recommendations to preserve the authenticity of the Eastern Market and surrounding Special Use Area while adapting to ensure its long-term economic and social sustainability.

Thank you to everyone who supported and contributed to the planning process. We are greatly encouraged by the passion and dedication that so many people have shown for the well-being of this historic cultural landmark.  Your continued energy and commitment will be critical to this plan’s successful implementation.

Stay tuned and stay safe!

This program is being funded, partially or fully, through the District of Columbia Executive Office of the Mayor - Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development.

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