This program is being funded, partially or fully, through the District of Columbia Executive Office of the Mayor - Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development.

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Eastern Market is undergoing a strategic planning process to create a unified vision for an enduring future. This plan is being led by architrave p.c., a Capitol Hill firm with  design expertise. We will be using data-driven insights to identify opportunities for operational, marketing, and design strategies that will enhance the market’s role in the community while celebrating its rich history.

This website will serve as the center of the conversation around the Eastern Market Strategic Plan. Please add this website to your favorites folder and check back often as this website will grow as the plan grows.

We are building this plan as a community, so we will be relying on community feedback throughout the process. We will be releasing more information soon, but until then please let us know who you are below so we can make sure that we keep you updated as we go.

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Please let us know who you are and how we can get a hold of you with project updates.